Andrea James is the Executive Director of Families For Justice As Healing. She has worked within the criminal justice system for more than 25 years. As a former criminal defense attorney she dedicated her time and resources to providing zealous representation to women and children within her community of Roxbury, Massachusetts. In 2009 Andrea was convicted of wire fraud, disbarred as an attorney, and sentenced to serve a 24-month federal prison sentence. Even after a lifetime of work seeking justice on behalf of disenfranchised people, she was stunned at what she encountered upon entering the federal prison system as an incarcerated person. Andrea is committed to fulfilling the promise she made to the women who remain in prison, to speak their truth and advocate for community based harm reduction alternatives to mass incarceration and a failed war on drugs. Andrea James is also the author of A Letter To My Children From A Mad, Black, Incarcerated Mother, a book for high school students, and The Adventures of Lucky James: My Grandparents Are Polar Bears, a children’s book.